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Stanley Shortstack Travel Mug Matte Black 0.23L

Now at Team Outdoors the new Shortstack Travel Mug Matte Black with Bear Logo

The perfect travel mug to enjoy your freshly brewed coffee wherever you are. Fits under most coffee machines. The Stanley insulated thermos cup maintains the temperature indoors regardless of the weather conditions outside. The travel mug keeps hot drinks warm for 3 hours, cold for 4 hours and with ice for 16 hours. The perfect companion for all your indoor and outdoor adventures.

The Stanley coffee cup will last a lifetime. The reusable thermos cup is specially designed with BPA-free high quality stainless steel to avoid condensation and a metallic or foreign taste / smell.

The spill and leak proof durable travel cup is ideal for on the go. The insulating thermos cup is easy to drink, lightweight and has a dual lid system, so you can enjoy your favorite coffee or tea anywhere without spilling a drop.

The thermos cup is easy to clean. Every part of the stainless steel travel cup is dishwasher safe, in the top rack only.