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Moai all-round 10’6 Package

Moai all-round 10’6 Package
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The MOAI board contains:

  • Central handle  - The board has a central handle to easily lift the board into the water once inflated.
  • D-rings & load net  - The board has multiple d-rings. At the front you will find a charging net of cables with 4x d-rings. Ideal when you want to take extra luggage with you, such as a dry bag. You can attach a surf leash to the d-rings on the back of the board. The 10'6 board also has d-rings on the EVA pad to which you can attach a kayak seat.
  • Comfortable pad  - The board has a comfortable pad (foam cushion) to stand on. This so-called EVA cushion is non-slip.
  • Detachable fin  - The board has a system of 3 fins, of which the large center fin is detachable.

At MOAI we want to make sure you have the best possible experience! Our boards are supplied as a complete package as standard, with all the necessary accessories to get on the water immediately. You can store the board and accessories in the backpack on wheels

Each MOAI board package includes:

  • Adjustable paddle  - Each package comes with a high quality adjustable aluminum MOAI paddle.
  • Double acting pump  - Also included is a double acting pump that inflates the board twice as fast. So that you have more time on the water!
  • Double Acting Pump  - We understand that convenience and easy carrying of your board is important when paddling. That is why our boards are inflatable. The package includes a backpack in which you can easily store and transport the board.
  • Safety line  - Each board comes with an elastic 10 'safety line.
  • Repair  Kit - The package also includes a kit for minor repairs to the board.

For extra fun on the water, you can use the MOAI 10'6 as a kayak! By attaching a kayak seat to the board you convert the 10'6 SUP into a kayak. We added additional D-rings on the EVA cushion to attach the kayak seat. The optional kayak seat is sold separately. We also have kayak paddles in our range.