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Spod Reel

Spod Reel
Brand: Avid Model: Avid Carp XR Spod and Marker Reel
The XR Spod/Marker Reel is the perfect high speed reel for the demanding tasks of baiting at range and mapping out the water in front of you. With an incredible 5.7:1 Gear ratio, the XR Spod/ Marker Reel will retrieve 138cm of line per turn, making it one of the fastest retrieve Spod & Marker re..
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Brand: Fox Model: Fox Casting Finger Stall
The Fox casting finger stall features a soft leather finger for improved feel and can be used left or right handed...
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Brand: Shimano Model: Shimano Aerlex 10000 XTB SPOD
The Shimano Aerlex XTB is a powerful big pit mill with two stainless steel ball bearings, one roller bearing and an Instant Drag system. The Aerlex XTB also has an excellent flushing system, which makes the line evenly purged, making it even easier to remove. This sturdy mill is also fitted with an ..
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Shimano Ultegra Spod XTD
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Brand: Shimano Model: Ultegra Spod XTD
The Ultegra XTD SPOD is a new big pit reel, specially designed for spodding / markerfloatfishing for carp. It’s based on the successful Ultegra XTD 14000 carp reel and has similar features, except it has been adjusted to be perfect for spodding. A spoddingreel is used in combination with a spod..
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Brand: Sonik Model: Sonik VaderX 8000 RS Spod Reel
The VADERX 8000 RS spod reel comes ready loaded with a single spool of 200m quality 30LB braid and with up to 1.1m of line retrieved with every handle turn your time spent 'winding in' is kept to a minium. Weight: 622GSpool Capacity: MM/M 0.24/200..
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