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Aqua Products Pioneer 150 System

Aqua Products Pioneer 150 System
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The Pioneer 150 is a more spacious version of the iconic, rapid-erect, Pioneer system. It offers luxurious capacity yet retains the same timeless look and features, such as multiple rear vents. It utilises our industry-leading waterproof and breathable Aquatexx® fabric, along with a restructured block and incorporated hinge to offer a simpler and smoother erection process, which prevents unnecessary strain on the shelter itself. The 150 sizing allows space for one bed, but has masses more space to bring comfort to a new level. This makes the Pioneer 150 ideal for longer sessions, or perfect for those who prefer the extra space.


  • Innovative patented design
  • Extremely strong easy to use and quick to assemble
  • Two large rear vents, encourages air flow, reduces condensation
  • Aquatexx fabric- super waterproof, breathable and hydrophobic
  • Machined aluminium powder coated block, robust, durable and hard wearing
  • Dual rod straps
  • Heavy-duty groundsheet
  • Zipped Endura carry bag
  • Supplied with zip-in full infill panel, 2 x 36” & 2 x 24” Quicksticks, clear window and T-pegs
  • Compatible with 401532 Pioneer 150 Skull Cap Wrap (available separately)